Minda Lacy Album Release Show

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Minda Lacy Album Release Show

Presented Live at the CoHo Theater

January 27, 2023

Always a favorite at CoHo, Minda Lacy is a singer-songwriter from Portland with a preoccupation with time, death, and bugs; balancing the silly and the serious as best as she can. Back for a third time, join us on January 27th for a party/concert to celebrate the release of her new album. Additional acts TBD.

About the Artist

Minda Lacy is a lyrically driven singer-songwriter originally from the high desert town Silver City in South West New Mexico, and currently resides in Portland Oregon where she is immersed in the unique, and rich music scene of the moist Pacific North West City. Minda likes the word moist more than most people, but has yet to use the word in a song. Ever since she was a kid, she’s been exploring the possibilities of what a guitar can do, and has always approached the instrument from a place of exploration and play, and from this intrinsic sense of musical motivation has ventured from folk picking to bluegrass, to spacey electric solos, to soft simple strums. She creates from a genuine place of curiosity about the minds of the people she loves, and the mysteries of the universe. With this curiosity, she attempts to weave a thread of poignant simplicity through the impermanent, the devastating, the hilarious, and the beautiful things about the ways that we are, the things that we do, and the places we exist, whether we exist there for years or seconds.

Minda has a preoccupation with time, death, and bugs. She toys with the balancing act of silliness and seriousness, and often approaches topics like mortality and suffering from a place of light hearted wit. 

You are sometimes left with a sense of optimism about the prospect of your inevitable demise. When listening to her music, you might find a warm playful comfort, like the sensation of a yet to rise giggle in your chest, at the prospect of your future dead body being decomposed by worms. This future dead you will turn into other things as part of this constant state of birthing and withering that is manifested in all facets of the universe. Minda may spend too much time thinking about time. She is trapped in a perpetual paradox that she periodically digs herself out of through songwriting.

If you’d like to embark on the musical meanderings Minda Lacy has to offer or support her in her endeavors, you can listen to her two EP’s, Owl Faces, and Worms. You can also support her on her Patreon where she posts exclusive creative projects. She is working on a full-length album that will be out in February of 2023, and it’s going to slap the heck out of the bee’s pajamas, so keep your ears peeled.

Connect with Minda online through her website, on Facebook and Instagram. 
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Making music since she was a kid, listen to Minda’s dulcet tunes from concerts past on her YouTube channel, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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