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Tickets are now Pay-What-You-Can

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In an effort to ensure theatre is accessible to all, CoHo is pleased to announce that all tickets are now Pay-What-You-Can. Tickets are available in person and online.

If theatre is going to be for the community it claims to serve, it must not bar people from access on the basis of wealth. In an effort to decolonize our industry, CoHo is committed to eliminating classist exclusion.

When purchasing tickets, simply select a price point that works for your budget, reserve your seats, and come on down to the theatre!

Contribute to Accessibility

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CoHo Needs Your Support

In the age of a pandemic, live-performance is a refuge. A space to virtually come together in search of wonder, grace, and redemption. Digital programming at CoHo gives us the opportunity to engage with entertaining stories, respond with a giggle or a gasp, and connect with each other from afar. 

In this new era filled with hope and possibility, please consider a gift to CoHo.

Support our theatre as we strive to remain creative, producing art against the odds, and commit to sustaining Portland’s vital arts community. 

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