Season 24

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Each of the three shows in CoHo’s 24th Season celebrates the supremely human cycle of recovery and rebuilding. Devastating, unexpected things, wonderful, magical things, beginnings, endings, circumstances beyond our control, and circumstances of our own making cause daily foundational shifts on a scale from teeny-tiny to catastrophic. Whether caring for an elderly parent, confronting ghosts both real and imagined, ribbon dancing through loneliness, or subverting long-standing tradition, unavoidable foundational shifts force us to change. When faced with them, all we can do is take a breath, assess the damage, begin to recover, eventually rebuild that shaken foundation, and move forward together.

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MALA by Melinda Lopez

Co Produced by Brian Shnipper & A.R. Nicholas
Directed by Brian Shnipper

Mala is a first generation child caring for her dying mother. She zig zags between her own family and career, doctors, urgent 911 calls, her mother’s growing frailty, and a bone-chilling Boston winter. An unsentimental, irreverent one-woman show by Huntington Theatre Company’s playwright in residence, Melinda Lopez.


Co Produced by MediaRites’ Theatre Diaspora
Directed by Catherine Ming T’ien Duffly

Brothers Max and Visarut launch a ghost-hunting business to capitalize on the nationwide increase in sightings of “Asian-looking ghosts.” When the siblings investigate the home of an African-American couple displaced by Hurricane Katrina and haunted by a terrifying spirit, everyone involved must reevaluate their notions of sanity and superstition to discover the shocking truth. A spooky and heartfelt west coast premiere by self-proclaimed “world’s only Thai-American playwright,” Prince Gomolvilas.

THE FOUND DOG RIBBON DANCE by Dominic Finocchiaro

Co Produced by Connery MacRae, Tom Mounsey & Cameron McFee
Directed by Connery MacRae

Norma (a professional cuddler/reluctant dog-rescuer) and Norm (an amateur ribbon-dancer/attentive barista) navigate loneliness, vulnerability, the music of Whitney Houston, a collection of eccentric characters, and the healing power of human connection. A sweet and funny Pacific Northwest curiosity by Reed College alum Dominic Finocchiaro.

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