Lust and Marriage

Lust and Marriage Photo Eleanor OBrien CoHo Summer Fest 2014

Lust and Marriage

Written and Performed by:

Eleanor O’Brien

July 3,5,6

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All shows at 7:30pm

Lust and marriage, they go together like … electricity and porridge? Eleanor O’Brien explores the search for love, lust and life partners in this candid look at modern marriage.  Does hot monogamy exist? Can polyamory save the happily ever after?  #WWDSD? (“What Would Dan Savage Do?”)   In this revealing solo performance,  O’Brien examines cultural beliefs around monogamy, monotony, jealousy and polyamory from a highly personal perspective.  With heaps of humor, O’Brien creates a nuanced fairy tale that celebrates ALL the options of modern relationship! As the Artistic Director of Dance Naked Productions, Eleanor O’Brien creates, produces, performs and directs sex-positive theatre and workshops, including international tours of both Inviting Desire (2009-2012) and Good Girl’s Guide: Dominatrix for Dummies, which played in CoHo’s Solo Summer 2013.

O’Brien recounts it all with verve and zip and generous heaps of humor…later–the responses grow more poignant, if no less cheeky…With a presence that’s sympathetic and engaging—and a refreshing lack of preachiness—O’Brien poses questions that transcend her particular experiences.” Willamette Week, 2014



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