The Nancy Boys: Mystery Detectives

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The Nancy Boys: Mystery Detectives

Presented by Nick & Justin Condon
Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st @ 9 PM

Sons of a famous American detective, the Nancy Boys help solve many thrilling cases after school hours and during vacations, as they follow up the clues they unearth in their quest to bring criminals to justice. Imagine watching an episode of your favorite 1950’s sitcom on stage, but with the wry commentary of today. Plus it’s all based on audience suggestion. That’s right, it’s all made up on the spot. No two mysteries are ever the same – that’s the magic of improv comedy. Featuring only two actors, this sendup of “Classic Americana” is full of character swaps, pops, and slides as they paint the fictional town of “Gayport, USA.”

Before we crack open the mystery machine, enjoy an Opening Act from Famke Roumstead, an improviser, clown, and brilliant solo performer. Famke is a sex-positive ally, lover, sexologist guru, and life and death coach who wants YOU to be your best, sexual self! Viva la vulva – Come on down to CoHo to live your best funny life!

About The Opening Act

Famke Roumstead’s How to F

Presented by Famke Roumstead
Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st @ 9 PM – OPENING ACT

Famke Roumstead is an Edu-tainer, Life & Death Coach, Sexuality Advocate, Ally, and Bon Vivant. Her wholesomely charming NC-17 style ‘Sexinars’ have entertained and illuminated at least hundreds nationwide. 

She’s thrilled to be opening for The Nancy Boys Mystery Detectives for the 2022 CoHo Clown Fest and will take audiences on the sacred, inner journey of the sexual soul.  Past workshop topics included Burlesque-ing the Sex Beast Out of You, Make Consent Great Again and Genital Patronus Excavation. Get your questions ready for Famke!

About The Nancy Boys

Husband team Nick and Justin Condon have been touring and performing together since they met seven years ago. Their chemistry, connection, and shared love for campy narrative gave birth to the Nancy Boys.

All folks who like lively adventure stories, packed with mystery and action, will want to see every improvised mystery starring husband-duo Nick and Justin Condon as Frank and Joe Nancy. As plucky brothers Frank and Joe Nancy they’ve solved a slew of mysteries and shared dozens of characters. Each mystery is completely improvised and every clue is discovered along with the audience as it builds to a climax when The Nancy Boys inevitably get down to the bottom of it!

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