Cast & Crew Q & A With Val Landrum

Val-LandrumVal started working on the role of QZ back in 2012, at the JAW workshop for the play at PCS. Previous CoHo credits include Fool for Love, The Real Inspector Hound and Brenda Strider. Val is a Resident Artist Company Member at Artists Repertory Theatre where she recently played Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker.  She has also been seen locally in productions for Portland Center Stage, Third Rail Repertory, Profile and The 3rd Floor. Val teaches theatre for OCT,  PCS and is on the faculty of Portland Actors Conservatory.


What drew you to this story?

Originally it was Rose Riordan. She cast me in the role at JAW a few years ago. I was very lucky that she thought of me for this role and this story. Once I had the chance to workshop it that summer with Sam and everyone at JAW… I just really wanted to do it in full production some day. There is something so simple and complex at the same time about the story….I love stories about people who get overlooked alot… people that are there all the time, like truckers or receptionists or janitors… that are doing their jobs that are sort of lonely….so, I loved that aspect of it. And then I really wanted to work with Brandon Wooley on a play and I felt like he was the person to lead the telling of this.  I also loved the fact that it was set in 1999. I have a love hate relationship with devices and tech in general, so…But mostly I’m a sucker for a  smart, funny, sad, love story about life that can be told in under 90 minutes.

Do you have any personal relationship with long-haul trucking?

No. I know some truckers. But my Dad was a journalist and started his own magazine for a really specific group of people, so I relate to that aspect of the story.

What do you think of personal ads?

Hmmm…. I have never personally gone this route, but if I had posted a personal ad a long time ago when I was single and Mike O’Connell  ( Bryan ) had responded to it, I’d be pretty happy. He’s like the George Clooney of Portland Theatre.

What are your memories of Y2K?

Not too many. Like I said, I have a love hate relationship with technology and I think in 1999 it was mostly hate. I was too busy running around the country, being a self absorbed twenty something to care all that much, plus I think there was a bit more of an anarchist in me then, so I was probably like : “ Bring. It. On. “


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