The World Premiere of The Monologues

by Phil Busse (former editor of the Portland Mercury)
June 23-July 21
Fri – Sat @ 10:30 pm
Directed by Debbie Lamedman
Featuring: Nathan Crosby, Zoe Rudman, Brad Bolchunos

“…a magnificently jumbled script written by a colorful local character (more on that later) is wholly redeemed by the utter charm of its principle actor, Nathan Crosby”
“…vivacious and very funny Zoe Rudman”
“…Kristin Olson-Huddle, Mercedes Rose and Julie Jarvis—are all good”
“…Brad Bolchunos, doing a very nice parody of a Portland bike nerd”
-Carol Wells, NW Examiner

the online dating follies are intriguing
-Aaron Spencer, Willamette Week

Join CoHo Theater in its late-night leap into online dating.

Remember what romance was like in the Twentieth Century? When people actually met in person?
No, who has time for that?

Fact: Today one in six relationships begins online! (Yeah, take that John Cusack and your silly ideas of serendipity.)

The Monologues is a new multi-media stage production that jumps headfirst into the world and topic of on-line dating, A unique, funny and, at times, thought-provoking journey of one man’s fool-hearted attempt to find “The One” online, the main character is irreverent, raunchy, occasionally vulnerable and mostly likable.

He shares a bit too much–about his theories for love, his techniques for dating and about his on-line dating escapades. Incorporated into Carl’s kiss-and-tell tales is actual research and an engagingly informative PowerPoint presentation.

The show is truly for adults only – there are graphic (onscreen) images, naughty language and immature explanations of mature themes about love and romance.

Single Tickets: $10 (Price does not include online/phone fees)
Tickets can be purchased by calling 503-715-1114 or 503-220-2646.

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