Up Next: My Mind Is Like An Open Meadow

The Drammy committee fell in love with Erin Leddy and the grandmother she portrayed in her solo performance “My Mind Is Like an Open Meadow.” Here she is accepting the award for Outstanding Production.

The voice of an elderly actress commands the stage, crackling to life through a radio control station operated by her granddaughter…

In 2001, Hand2Mouth ensemble member Erin Leddy lived with her grandmother, Sarah Braverman, for a year and recorded her memoirs. Sarah worked as an actress in Boston, Manhattan, and upstate New York from the 1930s until the 1990s and the tapes Erin recorded form the bones of an emotionally explosive solo performance. My Mind Is Like An Open Meadow is a celebration of the connection between two separate generations of theatre performers.

“An ambitious, sophisticated 65-minute show that uses just about every theatrical tool from music to dance to imaginative sound design – a brave, smart, and beautifully tender piece of work!” – TheaterMania

“Affecting and dreamlike – an oddity to be treasured!” – New York Post

“Cleverly conceived and deelply felt – a captivatingly creative show. Truly something different!” – Blog Critics

“A hip, young experimental theater troupe, with the kind of promise, fearlessness and energy that American Theater needs and should encourage!” – The Seattle Times

“Leddy is a superb performer, but what made the piece so compelling was the subtlety of its composition. To explore epistemological issues in this way takes skill; to reveal their potentially deep emotional underpinnings is something quite extraordinary” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“…as immersive and compelling as anything I’ve experienced” – Willamette Week

The running time of My Mind Is Like An Open Meadow is 65 minutes without an intermission.
RADIO: KBOO’s Stage & Studio

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