Radical Listening: Episode 14

Beatmaking with Luvjonez

On this week’s episode, local Portland musician and beatmaker Luvjonez talks about his most recent album, No Distractions. Luvjonez breaks down his process, discusses his work blending world music and lo-fi beats on the School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play project at Portland Center Stage, and we take a little time to listen to his latest tracks.

Episode 14: Beatmaking with Luvjonoes

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This project gave me permission to experiment with the sounds of lo-fi and world music. It was kind of an interesting mixture of those two genres because what’s nice about the world music is it’s so energizing, and what’s nice about the lo-fi music is that it’s repetitive, and that makes it relaxing, so it gave the audience this kind of suspense, but it also… it was just enough to dance and bob your head, feel energized, but not enough to feel distracted, or overpowering. It was perfect for our show.
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Photo Credit: Luvjonez Instagram

Luvjonez is a hip-hop producer and music nerd whose globetrotting adventures have taken him from Kentucky, California, Wisconsin, DC, and New York, currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Always farming for classic samples, crispy drums, and crafting chill beats for quiet moments. A lifelong student of hip hop, soul music, drum patterns, fine art, and soffit recipes, Luvjonez is always looking to collaborate with like-minded MC’s and singers. Feel free to reach out if you want to build! 

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