Mike Pence at the Intersection of Art and Activism

#CoHoSummerfest Week 3

ShakingTheTree_MikePence credit Sophie Van Der MerweCome to the Table, Mike Pence

A Visual and Aural Feast

by Shaking the Tree

June 29 – July 2

Politicians. Pomegranates. Dinner is served.

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There are some things Mike Pence will never do. He definitely won’t have a meal alone with a woman who isn’t his wife, and he won’t support the public funding of or personally donate to Planned Parenthood.

Or…will he?

Shaking the Tree extends an enticing invitation to America’s Vice President to do both in Come to the Table, Mike Pence opening June 29 at CoHo Summerfest. Whether he accepts the invitation or not, their profits from the weekend’s performances will be donated to Planned Parenthood.  

pence_defundPence is notorious for his staunch anti-abortion stance and his opposition to the public funding of Planned Parenthood, prompting women across the country to donate to the women’s health organization in his name. Hundreds of women have also left detailed messages about their menstrual cycles for the VP in a movement known as “Periods for Pence.” Additionally, his personal no dinner with women policy has generated controversy because it implies that women should continue to be excluded from positions of power. He is reportedly conservative with his dessert choices as well, opting for a fruit plate after dinner instead of a decadent slice of chocolate cream pie. 

In Come to the Table, Mike Pence, three undeniably powerful women challenge Pence’s personal and political convictions with intelligence, guile, and a whole lot of sexy fruit. At the intersection of art and activism, the production dares to question a high ranking government official while offering financial support to one of his least favorite causes. A kind of progressive troll, if you will. Director Samantha Van Der Merwe chose the characters and the actors portraying them to simultaneously challenge and appeal to facets of Pence’s belief system. Eve (played by Anya Pearson), the first woman and the original temptress, appeals to Pence’s Evangelical Christian sensibility, but will he bite that apple? Salome (played by Rebecca Foster) has the dangerous ability to seduce, and the power to destroy those fighting against sin. Elizabeth I (played by Matthew Kerrigan) is one of the most formidable women in history, wielding governmental might and cultural influence in a masculine manner Pence can only dream of. How can he refuse a meal with her?

Tickets for Pence’s sumptuous, seductive feast are available now. And if you’re in the mood to tempt and tantalize the VP yourself, support Shaking the Tree by purchasing the phallic or yonic food item(s) of your choice here.

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